About Us

We are an assorted lot of people who have set our lives toward following Jesus. In the midst of this journey, our paths have crossed, and it made sense to take this journey together. Though there may be some good variation among us, it is this one thing–this faith in Jesus–that unites us above all else.

Well, faith and a whole lot of passion…  West Hills is not the church it used to be.  It’s our desire to raise up a rich and vibrant community of faith in the Westmont area.  We’ve recently gone through a period of intense and intentional transition.  Change is never easy, but on the other side, we have seen and continue to see God at work in unimaginable ways.

We are now in process of raising up a church that is commited to bringing hope to the western Chicago suburbs.  Maybe you’re just checking out this whole Jesus thing for the first time…  Or maybe you’re searching for a place to get more biblically grounded…  Maybe you’re looking to invest yourself in exciting new ministry…  In all of this, we invite you to consider joining with us.  Drop an email or stop by for worship one Sunday.  Check us out and go from there.  We’re pretty small in size, but don’t let that deter you.  Instead let it drive you.  Let it drive you to consider your role in making a vital and noticeable impact in a growing faith community.  Consider how you might partner with West Hills to bring hope to a hurting world.  And consider how you may find a greater sense of hope for yourself in the process.