Sunday Morning

We begin at 10:30am each Sunday.

We strive to provide a community worship setting where individuals of all stages in their faith journey are able to come together without pressure to be anyone other than who they are.  As such, there are select opportunities for worshipers to participate to varying degrees, but anyone can easily blend in while just observing.  In fact, we whole-heartedly invite curious onlookers to simply come and see what this whole “Jesus/church thing” is all about.

Dress is pretty casual, even among leadership, so don’t feel like you have to fit a certain profile. 

Our gathering could be described a number of ways:  celebrative and upbeat…  informal and relaxed…  yet reverent and purposed…   organized yet open…  fairly traditional but with an edge…  locally focused while globally mindful…  We worship in a variety of familiar ways each week:  in song, in prayer (often open-mic), in giving, in sharing the Communion Meal together, and in thinking through the Scriptures.  With each aspect of our worship, you are invited to participate according to your own comfort level.

Everyone is welcome to join in our worship gathering–even the youngest of children.  But for those who would feel more comfortable elsewhere, we do have a nursery for children up to two years old and Kids Worship that runs alongside our primary gathering.  You can also come a little earlier for Coffee, Etcetera at 10:00am or even at 9:30am to join with the Prayer Circle.  For information on each of these scroll down.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


The West Hills nursery is available from 10:20am until the end of worship each Sunday, for children up through two years of age.  Located at the bottom of the stairs at the main entrance, the nursery is staffed each week by two members of our nursery team.  With plenty of toys and attention, your young ones will be well cared for while you join the rest of us for worship.

Kids Worship

Worship is important for kids too!  But sometimes a little different format can be very helpful for those younger ones in our lives.  So we invite all those from three-year-old up through fifth grade to join downstairs (in the ministry room just past the kitchen) during our primary worship gathering.  Kids Worship often times joins the rest of the group upstairs for singing and then goes back down for activities, games, artwork, and a variety of Bible learning, lead each week by two members of our children’s ministry team.    Please let us know if you have any questions!

Coffee, Etcetera

Coffee and various edibles are served in the foyer every Sunday at 10:00am to provide an opportunity for people to come a few minutes early and catch up with one another.  And you’re welcome to bring coffee in with you to worship.  Everything is provided free of charge.  Our only request is that you enjoy it!  :)

The Prayer Circle

The Prayer Circle meets downstairs in the main room just past the kitchen from the main entrance, 9:30-10:00am each Sunday for the exclusive purpose of spending time together in prayer.  Focus is put on lifting up concerns featuring world events, national and local needs, and the church, both at West Hills and around the globe.  Time is also taken to address any personal needs someone may have, as time allows.  Come give the Prayer Circle a try, and as an added perk, you just might get first pick of the donuts!